The fourth tournament of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series concluded with two exciting matches on the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Club.

Mount Loftus - Hesketh Polo began the match with a 1.5 goal advantage, as Johnny Good scored the opening goal but it was Guillermo Cuitino of the Wolves – Mahra Polo with two back to back goals, who ended the first chukker with 2 goals to 2.5. The team kept its momentum and carved a 0.5 goal lead by halftime. The last two chukkers had both the teams scoring goals, but ultimately it was the patron of Wolves – Mahra Polo, Tariq Al Habtoor and Habtoor Al Habtoor who secured the win for their team at 9 goals to 6.5.

The final featured a match between Habtoor – AM Polo and Bin Drai – Lamar Polo. The match started with a 0.5 advantage goal for Habtoor – AM Polo, as the opening goal was scored by the Patron of Habtoor Polo, Mohammed Al Habtoor, ending the first chukker with 2.5 goals to 1. The exciting finale of the Polo Masters Cup witnessed the two teams with only a 0.5 lead by Habtoor Polo until penultimate chukker. The exchange of goals continued until the final minutes but in the end, it was Tomas Iriarte and Ryyan Al Ajaji of Bin Drai – Lamar Polo, who ended the game at 6 goals to 5.5.

Mr. Babu. K. Lonappan, Managing Director of YMS Engineering, awarded the teams of the Polo Masters Cup 2023. The Most Valuable Player was awarded to Rashid Bin Drai, and the Best Playing Pony was awarded to Freak, ridden & owned by Ryyan Al Ajaji.